Luxury Holistic Anti-Ageing Facials

What is a Luxury Holistic Anti-Ageing Facial?

My Luxury Holistic Anti-Ageing Facial includes:

  • The cleansing of your feet using hot towels prior to the start of the treatment;
  • Eye make-up is removed gently using an oil free formula with damask rose, white tea and aloe vera to gently hydrate the delicate eye area and condition lashes;
  • A cleanser is applied and massaged into the skin which contains rejuvenating Frankincense and nourishing oils of apricot and jojoba to gently cleanse without drying;
  • A gentle exfoliant is used to exfoliate, deep cleanse and enrich the skin;
  • A toner is used containing frankincense to refine and rehydrate the skin.  This contains aloe vera to cool, soothe and help restore the skin’s elasticity and vitality;
  • A firming mask containing rejuvenating frankincense is applied to lift, refine and tone the skin.  This contains hyaluronic acid, marine algae adn tri-peptide, to intensely tighten, smooth and reduce the appearance of lines;
  • While this mask sets, you are given the option of either a hand or a foot massage to highten the relaxation benefits of this treatment;
  • After the mask is removed, a further application of the toner is used to thoroughly cleanse and rehydrate the skin.
  • A hydrating cream including frankincense is then massaged into the face;
  • Pressure points on the face are used to stimulate key nerves and muscle fibres deep within the skin’s layers to boost collagen production and enhance the skin’s appearance. These can also release trapped energy and slowly remove toxin build-up that may be present in facial muscles and tissues. Lymphatic drainage techniques are also used to reduce puffiness. A small amount of Cold Stone Therapy can also used for this purpose;
  • Finally a relaxing neck and shoulders massage is given to complete the treatment.

Regular treatments can make the skin look firmer, smoother and younger. Tension is released and so fine lines and wrinkles can reduce, circulation is increased, moisture balance is maintained, impurities diminished, facial muscles are tightened and the skin feels and looks radiant. It can also help with relieving headaches/migraines, stress and can even help with sinus congestion.

My Luxury Facial uses Neal’s Yard Remedies’ organic anti-ageing range of products, the main ingredient of which is Frankincense. During a recent report by Decleor, Frankincense was found to increase the production of collagen by 119% (study reported in Professional Beauty Magazine, May 2012).

What to expect

You will be lying on my heated couch with your whole body covered in towels and a blanket.



A Luxury 45 minute Holistic Anti-Ageing Facial using Neal’s Yard Remedies anti-ageing products costs £40.

Please note: All massage treatments are totally safe and complementary (it does not replace medical treatment) but there are some physical conditions which could be contra-indicatory to massage. If you are being treated by a G.P. or other medical professional for anything please let me know in advance.