AromaReflex (Reflexology using Aromatherapy Oils)

Are you are finding that hormone imbalances may be having a negative impact on your life?  Tired of feeling the effects of PMS?  Fed up with Menopausal symptoms?  Finding painful periods hard to cope with?  Are you experiencing feelings of anxiety and/or mood swings?  Feeling as if your immune system needs a boost?  Feel as if your energy levels need reviving?  Experiencing aches and pains?

Why not try a Reflexology treatment that is tailor made to your symptoms?  A one hour Reflexology treatment is given using a special blend of essential aromatherapy oils aimed at your specific issues and concerns. These are ascertained at the time of your consultation with me. This treatment enhances the relaxation and stress relieving benefits of a regular Reflexology treatment.

At the end of the treatment you are given a sample of the cream with essential aromatherapy oils used so that you can continue the good work at home.

Specific treatments are given for: Relaxation, Hormone Balancing, Pregnancy, Boosting of the Immune System, Relieving Aches and Pains and Reviving Energy Levels.

What to expect

You will be reclining on my heated couch fully supported with pillows and covered with a comforting blanket. Only your feet and lower legs need to be exposed.  Your feet are cleansed using hot towels prior to the treatment commencing.

Testimonial: “The treatment was so relaxing and really helped reduce stress levels … Julie was so accommodating, friendly and genuinely passionate about her therapies. Truly the best complementary therapy service I have ever had and would highly recommend!” Sarah, Bromley

An AromaReflex treatment lasts 1 hour and costs just £50.Aromareflex trained