Hypno-Calm Relaxation Therapy

What is a Hypno-Calm Relaxation Therapy?

Overwhelmed?  Stressed?  Anxious?  In need of “time out”?

My Hypno-Calm Relaxation Therapy is a great way to gain deep relaxation for your busy mind.  It is also a great introduction to Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Note: During Clinical Hypnotherapy, and so during this Therapy, you are aware at all times of what is being said to you.  You remain in control.  Stage Hypnosis is very different to Clinical Hypnotherapy!

Great as a stand alone therapy or a fantastic accompaniment to any of my other therapies.

Remember: Stress is responsible for 75% of all illnesses.

What to expect

After a short FREE consultation, you will be seated on my heated couch, fully clothed and  supported with pillows whilst covered with a comforting blanket. Soft background music will be playing.

I will take you gently into a state of hypnosis and from there will deliver a relaxation therapy.  This can be tailor made depending on the outcome of your consultation.


A Hypno-Calm Relaxation Therapy lasts for 30 minutes and costs £35, OR
combine this Therapy with any of my other full priced therapies for just £30.