Luxury Full Body Massage

What is a Luxury Full Body Massage?

Fundamentally the approach with Holistic Massage is based around oil-based Swedish Massage. Holistic Massage is all about tailoring the perfect treatment for you at the time of the massage; catering exclusively for what you want and need at the time of the treatment.  I use Neal’s Yard Remedies’ organic oils, making this a luxurious treat for you and your skin.

At your consultation I will determine what pressure you prefer applied throughout the massage.  If you prefer a firmer treatment I use a number of deep tissue massage techniques (normally charged at a premium price by other therapists).

There is no set routine with a Luxury Full Body Massage, just careful attention to what you require. I look at the causes of your tension and work with the whole You to help restore your natural inner balance.

What to expect

You will be lying on my heated couch and covered with towels/blankets. Discretion is maintained at all times.



A 1 hour Luxury Full Body Massage costs £60.

Please note: All massage treatments are totally safe and complementary (it does not replace medical treatment) but there are some physical conditions which could be contra-indicatory to massage. If you are being treated by a G.P. or other medical professional for anything please let me know in advance.